How I Use a Calendar

What is Calendar – History, Types, and Use

What is Calendar A calendar is a physical record with the help of this people schedule their days for personal and commercial purpose. Calendar giving names to periods of time like days, weeks, months and years. Though the help of the calendar people can plan their events and function. A calendar is often paper form.

History of the calendar People of the earth use different-different languages so how can it possible they used the same calendar. The Gregorian calendar is an International Standard, which is used almost everywhere in the world. But most of the western world people used the Julian calendar. The Julian calendar had 365 days in a year with an extra day every four years.

Types of Calendars

There are mainly three types of calendars:

1. Lunar Calendar

2. Luni-solar Calendar

3. Solar Calendar Lunar Calendar

The lunar calendar shows both the cycle of the moon as well as the cycle of the sun. The moon takes about 29.5 days to cycle around the earth. Therefore each month starts on the day of the new moon. The lunar calendar has 30 days in odd months and 29 days in even months.

Luni-solar Calendar: The second type of calendar is the lunisolar calendar. The lunisolar calendar in which months are lunar but years are solar that is brought into line with the course of the Sun was used in the early civilizations of the whole Middle East.

Solar Calendar: The third and last type of calendar is the solar calendar, our present calendar comes in this type. The solar calendar is based on the length of the year.

How I Use a Calendar

The use of Calendar 

Calendars are used to help people manage their personal schedules, time and activities. 

Calendar help to identify days which informed about for the future Plans. 

A calendar provides a way to determine the stats and end of business accounting periods. 

A calendar identifies a day and provides useful information about the day. 

Through the help of the calendar, we can check the availability of the holidays and try to keep some important things in mind. The 12 Months of the Years In the modern calendar a year is divided into 12 months. The months are 28, 29, 30, 31 days long. Total 365 days in a year.

Every four years there is an extra day which is called leap year, so there is 366 days long. A calendar starts with January. The first month of the year is January in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the first of seven months’ length is 31 days. The first day of the month is known as New Year’s Day.

When is the Weekend?

Different cultures have varies on the first day of the week. The Christian or western world refers Sunday as their weekend whereas Muslims refer Friday and Jewish calendar marks Sunday and Saturday their rest days. Leap Year (2020) In one year there is up to 52 weeks and in one week there are 7 days and every four years which is called Leap year there is a plus 1 day.

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