Tips And Tricks For How To Work From Home During Lockdown

How To Work From Home With Your Kids During Coronavirus – Tips And Trick

This is a very complicated situation to work from home with children when the coronavirus has shut down everything. All the schools, college, and offices are shut down due to coronavirus. All the companies are allowed to have their employees work from home. There is a big reason behind this that the World Health Organization has declared that coronavirus is a pandemic. So, all people have to live in self isolation and take preventive measures.

Family members are spending the whole time together at home. So, Situation is becoming challenging for all the people who are working from home. This article will provide you a few tips on how to maintain our office work with our kids. Let’s start.

Tips And Tricks For How To Work From Home During Lockdown

Few Tips And Tricks

1.Make innovative schedule: So here is a solution: Shift. It is a good option to maintain your work from home. Parents should decide their time slot that At what time, which parents will take care of the children and home. For example, if one mother is taking care of her children at a particular time, another person can do office work at that hour. If the father is taking care then the mother can do her office work. So this optional shift will help you manage your work and home.

2. Adhere to your daily routine: Prepare the schedule and put it to the wall so that you and your children can refer it. In the event that your children’s schools have set up remote learning, follow the schedule and utilize the resources which are given by their teachers. If no work for children then you can manage it for them. There are so many online classes such as khan academy, daily schedules. parents can also follow it for your kids. parents can do work from home when your kids are busy with the given task. You have to make the plan in the advance so that you can follow it properly.

3.Designate a working area to minimize interruption: It’s a good option to specify your working area where your children don’t reach during work from home. And ask other childcare people that keep the children from this specific area. You can also use noise cancelling headphones to block out the noise while working. This will work as a visual cue. You can also hang stop signs for that specific area so that kids read it and do not come to that particular area.

4.Give kids to some options: Let your children make some activities that will make them independent such as their self-serve meals, snacks and fun activities. All these activities will help to make them independent and You’ll save that time for your office work. Make the list of all the activities and stick to the wall wherever they can reach so that children can follow it.

5.Communicate with your colleagues: Sometimes being straightforward is good for your life. Make your colleagues aware in advance that there are children at home. Sometimes, your children may distract you while you are on a video call or conference with your colleagues So that they can understand your situation. if it happens you can thank them in advance. You can also inform your colleagues or boss that at what time you are free for your work.

6.Plan a break for children: You can manage a break after working for a few hours  for your children when you are not working. At that time you can play with your kids, take them outside, and also help them in their studies or activities such as drawing, dance,  games etc. Follow this on a daily basis so that you can get away with the distraction that you face During Work.


Follow the above guidance and Therefore set yourself up for progress. Choose the tasks in advance, and then collect all the resources and information that you need to complete them. After the success of your plan, how you maintain your work with your kids, you’ll thank yourself.

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