How To Use Calendar For Productivity

12 Best Tips How To Use Your Calendar Boost Your Productivity

Everyone wants to live their life with a more productive existence. If you really want to achieve your ambitions you must use your calendar for planning your day. Then you have easily scheduled your all day. Your calendar ensures all your tasks and has complete control of your valuable time.

If you are collaborating with others so must add their time zone into your calendar. It will help you to prevent any confusion and conflicts. You should make a habit to check your calendar every morning. It will show you to know what your day will look like and help you to catch on gaps.

12 Best Tips How to Use Your Calendar Boost Your Productivity

  • The goal of your life: You should know about your goals. Whatever task you put into your calendar it should be related to your goals. It may be a short term goal and a long-term goal. It will help to ensure that you’re spending your time on productive and meaningful work.
  • Traditional Paper Calendar: Try to use a traditional paper calendar rather than an online calendar. You can also use a sticky note with it that sticky note will remind you to remember important events. 
  • Annual Plan: You should create an annual plan that will help to make managing your time which helps you to become more productive. It is not possible at one time but it will help you to face scheduling conflicts as the year goes on.

How To Use Calendar For Productivity

  • Use your Sundays: to plan for the upcoming week use your Sunday and mention your plan into the calendar so that you can prepare yourself. 
  • Routine: You should mention your morning and evening routine so it will help you to know where you are spending your time before and after your work and ensures that you have at least some time to take a rest and do the things that you enjoy.
  • Important Task: You should mention every important task in your calendar even if it’s related to your personal and professional lives. It will help you to organize your life much more comfortable.
  • Color Coding: If you use color coding for your calendar so that you can easily identify your task without having to open your calendar sheet. You can color-code your calendar. i.e. red used for work-related tasks, blue is for meetings, and green is related to social obligations.
  • Preplan your schedule: Most people spend their time bouncing between different tasks throughout the day. You should prepare yourself for each task rather than wasting your time switching between tasks. 
  • Priorities Task: Your calendar is not going to fill itself so you have to mention specific time for your specific task according to their priorities.
  • Zero-based Calendar: Some people use a zero-based calendar, it’s one of the best ways to give your routine structure and save your time but don’t forget to include a break. When you follow this structure, you will see that there is no time waste on unproductive work.
  • Creative Work: You should also add some time for creative work in your schedule like writing, brainstorming. It will help your brain to take a couple of minutes of rest or refreshment. 
  • Batching Techniques: You should also use batching techniques, it’s another way to stop wasting your time switching from one task to another task. In this, you have to complete your similar tasks together at the same time.

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