Professional Vs Personal

How To Balance Your Personal And Professional Lives

We have to Create a work balance between work and family, we shouldn’t involve our personal family matter in our workplace or work stress in your personal life. Nowadays technologies are advanced and useful, it will help to make us accessible every time, because of this sometimes we forget the boundaries between our personal and professional life.

Personal Life

Everyone has their personal life and only a few people know about it maybe your family, friends, home, habits even good or bad, cultural interest, dressing sense etc.

As, we maintain the behavior in office hours as well as we should carry this routine or schedule for family time, we should create some rules for our home too.

  • Spend some family time: always try to spend some quality time with family go for lunch or dinner, and try to avoid office work at that time.
  • Share your problem with them: If you have any kind of problem in life then share with your parents or siblings. They can help you with that matter.
  • Avoid office work: If you do not bring your personal problem in-office time so don’t bring office work at home.
  • Celebrate the weekend with friends: spend your weekend with your friends who are not a co-worker.
  • Work only in office hours: If your colleagues are your good friend so establish rules between you and them “work only in working hour”.
  • Avoid office phone calls at home: when you reach home then if it is not necessary so try to avoid office phone calls.
  • Plan trip with family: Plan some exciting trip with your family and friends.
  • Spend some time with yourself: apart from all that try to spend some time alone, meditate practice your hobbies that increase your relaxation.
  • Avoid Office Discussion at home: Limited discussion of work matters at home and try to avoid it.
  • Don’t think about work: when you are in a home, leave thought about work at a workplace.

Professional Life

Professional life related to people’s career or business life which they earn for living. This sector is related to education, any type of skill or knowledge.

How To Balance Your Personal And Professional Lives

Dos in office hours

Ø We have to strictly follow our daily Schedule, we avoid checking our personal mail and messages in-office time because of this our production time is reduced.

Ø Do arrive early and wear formal dress.

Ø Always try to use your knowledge with your co-worker.

Ø Sometimes for project work or calls spend more hours in an office, so try to be ok with that or if it’s necessary to do work on holidays.

Ø Always try to focus on your work, be smart in work, and try to complete your assignment within the time.

Ø Always try to have a positive attitude about your work, it will affect your job performance significantly.

Ø Plan to do things in an efficient way, which means more work in less time.

Ø Always try to be professional in working hours.

Ø Be a good learner – Always try to learn new things.

Ø Every minute of the day is important for our life.

Don’t in office hour

Ø We should not waste our time checking online messages or surfing the internet.

Ø We should save our private conversation with our colleagues for a break or lunchtime.

Ø Pull ourselves from personal issues, either its minor family concern or more serious because personal issues are so consuming or mind disturbing in our workplace and it’s difficult to keep our self-separate in the workplace.

Ø If you aren’t looking for a job so don’t apply for that.

Ø If you have any confusion related to your project or job so please ask your colleagues or senior, don’t hesitate.

Ø Don’t bring your emotions into working hours because no one is interested in sob story.

Ø Don’t gossip with your colleagues or boss in an office work hour.

Ø Try to avoid political and religious views in-office time.

Ø Don’t gossip or make negative comments about your colleagues.

Ø Never share your personal life issues with office co-workers. If you really need to share your personal issues with anyone so you can go for professional counseling, it can be a great stress relief.

Professional Vs Personal

Everyone lives two different lives

We all live two different lives in our life. First our personal life and second is our professional life. We have to find out work balance between personal life and professional life. We have two kinds of people in your life. First people who belong from our personal life, i.e. father, mother, sibling, friend and second one who belong from professional life, i.e. co-worker, customer or client. But they are not equal. We don’t deal with them equally and we share our time with them differently.

There is no sense, who is more important for us because we spend all our time with our family, our friends, our co-worker, client so somewhere we enjoy all these relationships in our life.

Most important we cannot have a happy career without having a personal life as well as we cannot be happy in our personal life without having a happy career. We can choose our friends, our partner and the people with them we spend time but we don’t usually choose our colleagues, client or customer. But everything can be changed. It totally depends on us.

 We have to change our personal approach, try to connect with people that can lead you. Try to share our knowledge with your co-worker and if you need so you also approach them for their help, it’s a way to get meaningful working life. We should create a balance between both worlds and try to release stress and frustration. It can’t be possible but if we reach that mental state where we do not have the need of two separate worlds, so that time we enjoy our work and people we work with.

A Work-Life Balance Between Both the Lives (Personal VS Professional)

We have to create a balance between both personal and professional life because both are important for our life, we have to work, doing whatever, and to live but sometimes to manage both is very hectic for us. If we are able to maintain a work balance between our personal and professional life it will help us to become more productive. For this balancing life, we have some planning and preparation.

  • Manage all your time: we should set the time for every task because we know exactly how we want to spend our time. In the office setting we should know about our work and know how much time will take for that.
  • Know about your priorities: We should always know about our priorities, which comes first in our priority list which comes second. We should create the most important aspects of our life it can be our family, friends, job, etc.
  • Create Schedule for your life: Schedule will help in our daily life involving all constants like work, classes, prayer, social activities, and one time events. Try to follow this schedule, it will help to be more productive.
  • Avoid Distraction: Focus on important tasks rather than anything else because research says most of the people wasting their time unplanned distraction.
  • Proactive: Search new opportunities because life always gives a chance to be more proactive in your life. It will help to get success in your life.
  • Take care of your health: Never compromise with health because neglecting health can have costly consequences such as missing work or job. Sometimes we have work stress and it will affect our physical and mental health.
  • Take a meal on time: when you work in the office so it’s very necessary to take a meal on time.
  • Follow Your Passion: Sometimes we might give up our hobbies or interest to meet demands. It creates professional and personal stress.
  • Create Boundaries: Sometimes we have to choose between work and home to be safe from this situation we should create some boundaries. i.e. don’t bring personal problems at workplaces as well as work only in the workplace.
  • Create a different profile: If you are active in social media so create different profiles for personal and professional life. i.e. Facebook Instagram for personal life and LinkedIn for career connection.
  • Careful about personal and professional: Sometimes companies provide personal computers or laptops and cell phones to their employees. So don’t use this kind of device for personal use.
  • Work from Home: It is very difficult to maintain the same working hours when you work from home, so try to avoid personal work in-office hours.
  • Avoid working on weekends: On weekends, spend time with family and friends rather than office works.
  • Appreciate yourself: whenever you give your hundred percent so don’t bother about others appreciation, you should appreciate yourself on your own. 

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